Government and Defence

'Clients in both public and private sectors continue to recognise outsourcing as a route not only to reducing costs but also to accessing expertise'

Government and Defence

Vantage recognise the pressures placed on Government departments to increasingly deliver high level front line services with reducing budgets. Vantage’s service model provides government authorities with the flexibility to choose multiple service lines and for these to be delivered through a highly trained, motivated and committed workforce in the most economical manner, whilst embracing resources from within the community regenerating wealth and employment within the community.

Vantage has an extensive and proven Small to Medium Enterprise Program that supports the sustainability and growth of local service providers through an engagement platform that allows local enterprises to benefit from government business. Vantage will not only guarantee to beat SME engagement targets on behalf of the Government , we also provide a mentor program to SME’s so they can continue to grow and have a sustainable business within their community.

Vantage will provide secure and safe serviced environments for State and Federal Government properties on behalf of Government Departments, so they can focus on serving the communities in which they are located.


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We have the capability to provide service solutions nationally across the following sectors: