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Who we are.

'Integrated Services means greater convenience for our client, reduced operating cost and the delivery of more efficient services'

Who we are.

Vantage Integrated Services is a specialised integrated service provider that seeks to deliver innovative service delivery, value for money and results driven solutions for our client's assets.

Our solution is custom built, no two facilities are the same. In building the best integrated model, we consider our clients environment, budget, level of risk, compliance and legislative requirements, as well as any unique requirement.

Our service offering can be defined as Integrated Soft Services, being the delivery of multiple operational services at a client’s premises.

We work with people who want to perform better – now and in the future. We help our clients run more efficient and effective businesses by looking after their facilities, their energy needs and the people they’re responsible for.

We're all about developing our people to excel every day, challenge the status quo and inspire change in the way people live and work.

While centralising multiple services may be a component of Integrated Services, the broader objective is to gain efficiencies beyond consolidation through a methodology of continuous improvement that results in more efficient and standardised processes, with much of the activity automated through enabling technology.

We are a technology driven service provider that seeks to maximise our clients spend by identifying the efficiency dividends across multiple service streams that can be realised through an integrated service delivery approach.

We organise systems and services that create additional value, adding long term benefit and contribute to a better overall environment for our customers, their staff and customers, and their facilities.

Working in strategic partnership with our clients, Vantage delivers innovative solutions to the facility management industry. In particular, Vantage prides itself on sourcing and delivering electronic solutions to property management to offer best practice solutions, delivering the full cycle of sustainable services to strategise, systemise, analyse, optimise and realise our clients organisational objectives.

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Benefit to our clients

  • Economies of Scale - Lower operating costs and savings through aggregation of spend
  • Reduced risk/exposure to public liability/third party claims through improved contract compliance, incident reporting and data capture for potential future claims
  • Reduced contractor/issues management time
  • Standardisation of Processes and Common Technology Platform
  • Culture - people with the skill and mindset to optimise the model
  • Decision support - Data analysed and delivered as reliable and actionable information
  • Scalability - the integrated services delivery model can be scaled for both geographic and service scope expansion.

What we do.

'Integrating Services allows customers to outsource their non – core services to a single provider, leaving them free to focus on their core business'

What we do.

Integrating Services allows customers to outsource their non – core services to a single provider, leaving them free to focus on their core business.

For us, Integrated Services means tailor–making every services package not just to our clients specific needs, but to their geographical and business profile, as well as their working culture.

Our philosophy is to assume full operational responsibility, share our knowledge and work collaboratively with clients to deliver maximum availability and reliability, process integrity, increased safety and sustainability, and reduced life cycle cost and risk.

With Vantage Integrated Services you can bring all of your services under one roof, to achieve cost reduction through economies of scale and enhanced effectiveness. Vantage Integrated Services provides a broad range of services within its integrated portfolio, which are customised to suit the specific needs of your property.

We can provide focused specialist resources to bring control back to your property and FM services via our ethos of transparency and accountability.

Vantage Integrated Services delivers industry-leading property services on the strength of our quality standards and reporting systems. We establish performance benchmarks across all areas of our business and implement KPIs to continually measure and monitor our service performance.

Our range of integrated, end-to-end solutions has steadily expanded to address the specific needs of our clients; we are able to innovate, deliver change and support client operations, assets and infrastructure

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Our Services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Security Manpower
  • Alarm/CCTV Monitoring and Response
  • Landscaping and Ground Maintenance
  • Concierge/Customer Service Desk
  • House Keeping and Laundry
  • Mail Room Management
  • Pest Control
  • Hygiene and Washroom Services
  • Waste Management and Recycling Programmes
  • Energy Reduction
  • Painting and Graffiti Removal
  • Maintenance (Programmed and Adhoc)


'Clients in both public and private sectors continue to recog- nise outsourcing as a route not only to reducing costs but also to accessing expertise'

Where we do it.

Clients in both public and private sectors continue to recognise outsourcing as a route not only to reducing costs but also to accessing expertise.

We have enormous experience and our clients know that by working with us they are benefiting from a track record of delivery, trusted relationships and quality service. Put simply, we hit the ground running and make a real difference from day one.

Today, clients are increasingly moving towards bundling a number of services together – and there’s a clear trend towards bundled and integrated FM.


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We have the capability to provide service solutions nationally across the following sectors:


'When you engage Vantage Integrated Services, you benefit from our years of industry experience, knowing that our organisation is a purpose built integrated provider'

Why we do it.

When you engage Vantage Integrated Services, you benefit from our years of industry experience, knowing that our organisation is a purpose built integrated provider.

It’s what we do as our core business that give our clients assurance that we understand and deliver a wide range of disciplines without diluting any particular service stream.

One of the key advantages to the Vantage Integrated Services approach to integrated services is the fact that we can deliver the majority of the services ourselves.

It’s our operational methodology, exceptional value, a reduced overall cost base and impactful economies of scale that delivers value for money to our clients.

Vantages best practice maintenance capability can be used to lower costs, reduce operational risk and improve asset reliability and safety.

Expertise with Accountability

Vantage has single service industry expertise across cleaning, security and property services. The benefit of an integrated contract is that you gain this expertise, yet with just one single point of accountability and with one centralised invoice and reporting. This significantly reduces clients administration time and cost, yet still provides the client with service excellence and the ability to increase efficiencies.

Increased Efficiency, Better Value

By bundling services Vantage is able to reduce overheads and allocate resources more efficiently. The synergy comes from our ability to integrate services and optimise delivery systems.

Our People

We endeavour to realise our employees’ full potential by treating them fairly and with respect, offering them work and training, and safeguarding their health, safety and wellbeing. This improves quality and productivity, as well as enhancing employee job satisfaction and loyalty. We engage with them, and explain your vision, so that they are given a sense of purpose, and pride in order to deliver the best possible service.

‘People’ is one of the key elements in our strategy. We aim to recruit, motivate, retain, train and develop the best talent in the industry. Why? Because in outsourcing, more than almost anywhere else, it’s the people on the front line who make the difference. They cook, clean and paint. They guard, mow and repair. They welcome guests, control pests, and provide personal care and much more besides. And they do it all with a real desire to serve and, just as important, a smile on their faces. Their brilliant and hard work is the single biggest factor behind our success. We are our people – no more, no less – and they deserve and receive the greatest support we can give them.

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Save money

Our skills and management expertise typically save client operating costs through efficiency savings, economies of scale and a reduction in overheads. By bundling services we are able to reduce overheads and allocate resources more efficiently. This synergy comes from our ability to identify opportunities to integrate services and optimise delivery systems. Our teams can be multi-skilled to highlight required services and communicate effectively to pro-actively improve your facility. Working as one team means a more effective solution for you our client.

Risk Mitigation

Whether it's the risks associated with employees or with delivering and managing your services, we will manage them for you.

Effective risk management is critical in helping us achieve our strategy and is a key consideration in our business decision making. Through our contracts, we become responsible for certain tasks and functions. With responsibility comes risk – and we use a thorough risk management strategy to help us identify and mitigate those risks.

Vantage Integrated Services is acutely aware of its responsibilities and as such, we stringently adhere to Australian Safety Standards and proactively implement best practice risk management and OH&S procedures across all areas of our business operations.

Technology Driven Solutions

We invest in innovative IT solutions on behalf of our clients to make sure they benefit from industry–leading tools that can help to improve the management of their properties, assets and services.

Vantage Integrated Services is opening up new avenues for provision, management and analysis of data to help us drive decision making and increased efficiencies and value.



‘Vantage Integrated Services would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our proven operating systems and innovations and how we can further enhance the effectiveness of you property and space’.

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